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Grilled Gluten Free Vegan Pizza!!

Gluten Free * Vegan * Soy Free

Gluten Free Vegan Grilled Pizza

Well I am sorry to say that I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I’d like! I focus all my energy to work and other things in life and this blog gets neglected. I’ll try to do better! I want to anyways.

I am now 31 weeks, in my third trimester! About 9 weeks to go! Most days are pretty good, but I am beginning to feel more tired, the rib pain continues, and every night is a battle to stay asleep for longer then 20 minutes. I am almost never comfortable, its rare!

Cravings. Cravings. Cravings. EVERYONE asks me what I have been craving, and if I crave meat, and cheese. Well I haven’t had any bizarre cravings, or any cravings for any animal products. Sometimes I smell a burger and it smells really really good though 🙂

Pizza Always Always sounds good to me! One of my cravings. There are a few local restaurants that offer Gluten Free Pizza with Vegan options, but they  are so expensive, and I know I can make it better for less! I had tried a few pizza crust mixes. Most of them don’t turn out right, and the dough is a gooey nasty mess. Not what I think of when making pizza form scratch.

So here is a recipe for Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Dough that my little brother helped me create. He worked as a chef for a while, and had plenty of experience making pizza!

Makes about 3-4 Medium Sized Pizzas, depending on how thick or thin you like your crust! Give yourself plenty of time to make this, go slow and don’t try to rush it. The dough can sit for a couple hours before making the pizza. I even refrigerated some of it over night, made more pizza the next evening, and it did just fine. 

1 Cup Tapioca Starch
1 Cup Millet Flour
1 Cup All Purpose Baking Flour (could substitute GarFava, or Brown Rice flour)
2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Xanthum Gum
2 Tbs Baking Powder
2-3 Tbs Olive Oil
1-2 Cups of Water
Flax Egg – 2 Tbs of ground Flax meal, plus 4 1/2 Tbs water, chill for 15 minutes
2 1/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast, plus 1/4 cup of the water, warmed, plus 1 tsp of sugar, sit for 10-20 mins.

1. Heat Oven to 400 degrees, or prepare outdoor grill for grilling
2. Prepare Flax Egg, let chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes till it becomes almost gel like.
3. Prepare Yeast mixture, you want to make sure the yeast is active so let it sit for 10-20 minutes till it is nice and frothy.
4. Mix flours, salt, xanthum gum and baking powder in mixing bowl, mix on low with a dough hook.
5. While it is mixing on low, Add 1 Tbs Oil, let mix.
6. Add 4 Tbs of water on low, let mix.
7. Add 1/2 Tbs of oil, let mix
8. Add 4 Tbs of water, let mix
9. Add Flax Egg, let mix
10. Add Yeast, let mix
11. Add 4 Tbs of Water, let mix
12. Add 1/2 Tbs of Oil, let mix
13. Add 1 Tbs of Water, let mix completely
———-This recipe has been a little weird to work with. Depending on time of year,    humidity, heat, etc, I have had to use different amounts of oil and water. So, I would start with this, then slowly add more water, and up to 1 more tablespoon of oil. Your dough should not be sticky, or runny. It should be fluffy, and light. You will notice it to start forming together in your mixer, but it probably won’t form a complete ball. 

14. Form 2 balls of dough, gently in your hands and proof the dough for 20-40 minutes, or till the dough rises some.  I put mine in an oven to rise. Place the dough in a glass bowl on the upper rack with a towel draped over it, and a pan of steaming hot water on the bottom rack. It stayed in there for 40 minuets and it was perfect.
Gluten Free Pizza Dough
15. Roll out dough to fit your desired size and thickness, don’t play with the dough too much or you will stress it out!
16. Place on pizza pan, if grilling make sure the pan will be ok on the grill. Poke a bunch of little holes in it with a fork so it won’t bubble.  Pre-bake crust for about 10 minutes, in the oven or on the grill.  If you like extra crispy crust, leave it in a little longer, ~Keep an eye on it, Everyones ovens and grills are different. 
Gluten Free Pizza Dough
17. Place all your favorite vegan toppings on the pizza and bake for an additional 15-20 minuets, or until toppings are ready and your vegan cheese has melted!
~ Topping Ideas: Pizza Sauce, Daiya Cheese, Heirloom Tomatos, Eggplant, Red Bell Peppers, Yellow and Orange Peppers, Spinach, Purple Onion, Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms, Mushrooms marinated in Balsamic Vinegar…. Just to name a few. You really can’t go wrong!
Gluten Free Vegan Grilled Pizza

Pizza Toppings Gluten Free Vegan Grilled PizzaServe with a Kale Salad with Avacado and you’ve got a great meal to serve to friends and family!

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