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Zoo Animals

Portrait of a Zoo Animal

Zoo Animals

Portrait of a Elephant

Well I am nearly 35 weeks pregnant. I can not believe my due date is about 4 1/2 weeks away. The past two weeks I have really been feeling everything. Rib pain is more intense and severe and it always seems to bother me the most when I am in the kitchen. So cooking has been quick and easy meals lately. A lot of salads with quinoa, grilled  vegetables, and smoothies. Some days I have no appetite, or I am literally hungry every two hours.The days are getting hotter here in Oklahoma, upper 90’s to lower 100’s. Which is actually not bad compared to two years ago when the highs were 110 and up. My emotions have been up and down a lot more over the past week. One minute I’m feeling great, then the smallest thing sets me off and I’m either in a horrible mood, or I can’t stop crying. Makes you feel a little crazy, but at the same time I know its just my body working through this last month of pregnancy.

So I’ve been working on the baby’s room. It’s nearly ready for him. I had this vision of using classic, high contrast zoo animal photos for the walls. So my mom and I took off work one morning and went to the Oklahoma City Zoo to get some photos. We spent nearly two hours at the zoo, some of the animals were a little shy, but I really enjoyed the time with my mom. So I wanted to share the photos I took and share a link to my photography website where you can order your own prints of these images if you so desire. 


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