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My name is Ramsey. I am a wife. I am a mother to be. I am a photographer. I am starting this blog at the end of my First Trimester. Through photos, thoughts on everyday life,  and recipes, I hope to share my journey, this new adventure along the way.

A brief History:
In 2010 I was struggling with pains from Endometriosis,  had many intestinal problems, and suffered from severe headaches. I had been to a couple of doctors, but decided to take matters into my own hands. By process of elimination, I took out gluten, dairy, and eventually all animal products. Within 7 days of taking Gluten out of my diet, I noticed a vast difference in how my body felt. I was so relieved. Now I avoid it at all costs, otherwise I suffer severely. My father, Jim Conway,  who’s  motto once was “The Redder the Better”, is now a Vegan. He chose the Vegan Lifestlye due to heart problems, which he reversed. He was the one who suggested I try it. Even though I eliminated gluten, I was still having headaches, and a few other problems. I eliminated all dairy first, then slowly, very slowly I eliminated all other animal products. It is now 3 years later, I never suffer from severe headaches or migraines, rarely suffer from intestinal problems, and do not feel the endometriosis.

It is hard to wrap my brain around it sometimes. I went nearly 25 years eating these things, and I was always sick, and always hurting. It became my normal. I learned to suck it up and live with it. But that is no way to live. Eliminating these things from my diet, wasn’t just changing my diet, it was a devoted lifestyle change. One that I am committed to keep for the rest of my life.

Now that I am pregnant, I have so many questions. I have no idea how I will handle what my children eat someday, but for now I plan to focus on my pregnancy and being healthy. So this blog will come second to everything else going on in my life.  Please enjoy, please follow, please share!



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  1. great blog, photos and incredibly interesting how changing your diet helped you. i am too on a vegan diet since a few years now and love photography. much more success with your blog i’ll stop by again – P

  2. It’s refreshing to see the effects on a person who’s opted for a good diet. I know a couple of people who have also benefited to going gluten-free. The difference in their health is astounding! One in particular, like you, suffered server intestinal problems, but now they are all better. Our family follows the blood type diet and I’ve never been better. It’s been a few years now and I have yet to suffer from seasonal flu or fever… at least not more than a day or two. So, yes, diet changes do influence our health.

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  3. Ina Conway Smith on said:

    Hi Ramsey, I know we really don’t know each other well but I am Ina, your cousin. My dad was Shirley, your grandpa Jim’s brother. I am very close, always have been, with your dad, I call him Cuzzin It!! Teehee, but love him dearly. I need for you to meet or visit with my daughter, Jami Miller, who owns her own fitness gym TFP The Fitness Professionals, here in Ardmore. Cuz it knows her well. Anyway just wanted to say hi and congrats on the baby. So happy for you. Ha cuz it gonna b a grandpa. Awesome!!! I have two granddaughters and they are my world. I will try and follow your blog and will send a FB friend request. Oh and I love u aunt Vicki dearly as well and u mother Susan. Again congrats on the baby and Blessed Be. Ina

  4. Lesta Cheek on said:

    Will follow with interest. I live in Cleveland OK and new your mom when she was a little girl. My niece and another friend have at least gluten issues

  5. Jamie Kirschner on said:

    Congratulations, Ramsey! I’m going to be following your blog!

  6. Great blog and congratulations! Looking forward to following your journey 🙂 xoxox

  7. Wonderful blog 🙂

  8. Great blog here. Good for you taking your health into your own hands. Doctors play god sometimes and can never help us. We can know what is wrong with us by reading information and applying it. The doc’s think we are crazy when we want to do this.

    Good for you!! 4 thumbs up, will I have only 2..hope that can do.

    I will be following your blog. Thanks for sharing it with Us.

    Chef Randall

    • Hi! Thank you for the kind words! I definitely have one doctor who thinks I’m crazy. But I don’t blame her really. 🙂

      Thanks for following! Everything on your blog looks tasty and informative, I’ll be following!

      • No it is not their fault and how they practice medicine. That is what they were taught in Medical School. But I still believe they should think for themselves or outside the box.
        I have a friend with bone cancer and my wife’s sister, who died last month after a 8 year battle. My friend is still alive after 15 years, because his doctor is using Natural Pathetic uses as well.
        My sister-in-law’s doctor only believed chemo was going to save her and it didn’t.
        My own sister who had some type of skin cancer is a 16 year survivor because she got with a doctor who also believed if chemo isn’t working let’s try NP medicine.
        I myself even turned to a NP doctor for my 2 1/2 year battle with no sleep when the MDs just wanted to give me RX sleeping aids that ended me up in jail one night after sleep walking. The NP doc helped me with no FDA approved medicines.

  9. Hi, Sorry to hear about your friend and your wife’s sister, but glad to hear your friend and sister are survivors. May God bless you and your family.

  10. Hi!
    I discovered your blog by chance a few weeks ago and have been a regular ever since. I absolutely LOVE your photos. You have such a talent, it is amazing. Really.
    I was dropping by to tell you I just nominated you for the Sunshine Award (
    I’ll continue reading your blog and admire your wonderful photos from now on too

    • Hi Pink!
      Thank you so much! I appreciate the positive words and feedback. I still feel like I am getting the hang of blogging, You’re words encourage me to keep at it! Thank you so much for the nomination!

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  12. hello mom, I was stranded on a nice blog and cool
    Greetings friendship 😀

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