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Every Day Life

First Art Festival
Oklahoma City Arts Festival – My FavoriteFirst Art Festival

First Music Festival
Norman Music Festival 2013
Norman Music Festival

First Pair Of Shoes
Playing My Husbands Guitar to Baby Walcher

Every week is different. Every pregnancy is different.

Things I have experienced so far:
Rib pain, nearly every day since about 15 wks. It’s On both sides, seems to switch back and forth, and I have the pain in my back ribs as well.
Sternum Pain
Horrible Gas Pain that is debilitating :()
Hip Pain, like deep in my bones kinda pain
Back Pain
Leg Pain
Lower Back Pain
Nerve Pain
Can’t sleep through the night
I pee way to much
I can’t get enough liquids in me
My appetite comes and goes, Some days I am forcing myself to eat. Baby needs those nutrients! Or I feel like I have to eat every two hours.
Acid Reflux
Constipation, and the opposite :()
Round Ligament Pain
Having the constant urge to pee
Crying for no reason, or crying for silly reasons. But I must admit I don’t do a whole lot of this
Nesting!!! Cleaning, cleaning out, re-arranging things. Everything has to be just so
Emotional roller coaster: Sad, Happy, Excited, Scared, Worried, Fearful, Unmotivated, Anxious.

I’m sure I could keep going. I’m only sharing to be honest, no complaining here, but I’ve had my fair share of that. I never knew it would be like this, and when you look at all of this together it seems like a lot! But these things don’t happen all in one day, I’ve experienced them over the last few months. Other mothers tell me it’s all worth it, and the second I look at my child’s face I will forget everything. Other mothers have told me horror stories, so I know it could be worse! I always had it in my head that pregnancy was a beautiful and somewhat mysterious experience. It is, but there is so much more to it that no one really tells you about, until you are going through it. Most days are good, some I feel great, but no matter what, I have to tell myself: “One day at a time…..”


Working out through out my life has been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve always considered myself healthy, but I can not ever seem to keep a steady workout routine. When I was younger it was 5-6 days a week. The past 2 years I have worked out less and less. Before I knew I was pregnant I picked it up a bit and walked on the treadmill and tried Hot Yoga, which I loved! But I will not encourage anyone to do Hot Yoga while pregnant, but do try when you are able to work out after baby has arrived! As long as I feel good, and listen to my body, I am hoping to work out as much as I can while pregnant. I have been a fan of the Tracy Anderson Method, and decided to purchase Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project


I’ve read a lot about working out while pregnant, everyone seems to have different opinions, but everyone encourages it. My doctor, What to Expect When You Are Expecting, and of course Tracy Anderson, who is backed up by doctors, and more. I don’t work out every day, just when I feel like it. Some days I only get 15 minutes in. I try to stretch most days, whether I work out or not. Most importantly do what is best for you, and what makes you feel best.


Every Mother Counts is a mobilization and advocacy campaign that aims to increase education and support maternal mortality reduction globally. $5 from your purchase of The Pregnancy Project will be donated to Every Mother Counts and will go directly to improving the lives of girls and women worldwide.


Pregnancy Announcement: 20130212-214504.jpg

I thought it would be fun to create an announcement to share with friends and family and on social media sites.


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